Why can’t human turn their head 360 degrees?

I find myself in a dilemma while writing this article. Why can’t humans turn their head 360 degrees? Seriously! Who would want to that even? Okay now, all this has to stay here only and let’s just focus on this article. We will see the answer to the question that our heading speaks.

There are so many things that humans can do so many things which they can’t. Emphasizing on this can’t portion this is what we are going to discuss here. We cannot turn our head 360 degrees. There is one bird which I am reminding off right now and that is an Owl.

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Yes, an owl can rotate its head around and back into the first position. Where we humans have to turn back in order to look things behind, owls will just have to rotate their head instead. Keeping their body steady and straight, and not twisting it.

The cervical of the owl is made in such a way that it can freely rotate in whichever direction it wants, whereas the neck of the humans has a 180 degrees movement. In other words, we can say that if we were facing straight in north direction, you should be able to look straight east and straight west by turning your head only.

But when it comes to bending from one side to the other then we can typically only go about 45 degrees in each half. On the other hand, the owls have a better tendency to move their neck. If you notice a deficiency in your neck movement, it could be due to a structural limitation which cannot be changed at all, but more likely it is a joint restriction that can be corrected! Sometimes it is the person who has some problems in his cervical which restricts the movement. Going to a doctor for therapy will do the trick.

Remembering the last month when you noticed some pain and discomfort in your neck. You decided to just tough it out and take a painkiller or two that would help you with the pain. You were pleased because within a week or so it was alright? Or was it? You probably had a mixture of muscle and joint irritation in the original issue and unless you did something to physically correct the problem chances are that it is still there but you don’t understand the logic yet.

This is just one of the tests that we can do to help and discover the difficulty when you come in with neck pain.  Often the first symptom people notice when they have a neck trouble is the incapability to shoulder check properly when driving.  You may have pain at the end of your range of motion or perhaps just a steady stiffness throughout.  Many times simply the neck pain will resolve in just one or two chiropractic treatments, but that all depends on the fact that how long the problem has been there inside of you.

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