What are the merits and demerits of Suryanamaskar

Not everybody must be familiar with this word, “Suryanamaskar”. But it is very useful to know what it is and how does it work. Moreover, how can it be helpful for your body? In this article, we are going to get some acquaintance with Suryanamaskar.

One of the most ancient postures which were used in wish the sun. Suryanamaskar was done to honor the sun through this asana. It is more widely known as the sun salutation. The word Suryanamaskar is a name of two Sanskrit words, ‘Surya’ which ‘the sun’ and ‘namaskar’ which means ‘to bow’.

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Listed below are some of the advantages that one gets by doing this asana:

1. Weight loss:

For those who are trying to shed some weight but are still failing. This is the time to follow something ancient, something tested and renowned for its well working. Suryanamaskar will give you a good cardiovascular workout which will in return help you in weight loss.

2. Provides Strength:

When you are doing this asana, you have to bend and lift, stretch and pull. This relaxes your body and gives them strength. It not just helps to strengthen your muscles but also your ligaments, joints, and skeleton body. This helps your skeleton body to align in a posture which regulates the working of your vital organs properly.

3. Glowing face:

It helps you get back your glowing face by improving the blood circulation in your body. If you want to look younger than your age and want your skin to be wrinkle free, especially your face then this asana is really going to do wonders for you.

4. Menstrual cycle:

If you are a lady who has a tough time in your periods then practicing this will do the trick. Suryanamaskar helps in regulating the menstrual cycle of ladies who have irregularity. It also helps the women during the childbirth by providing them a bit of ease.

5. Anxiety issues:

If you are having some anxiety issues you will be on a safer side with working out this. All the issues related to stress and anxiety it will be solved with an ease.

Every coin has 2 faces and everything be it anything will always have a disadvantage. Now let us see the demerits of this asana:

1. Cramps:

If you are not an experienced person in this arena, then you will be in trouble. I mean serious trouble because if you miss doing any of the postures you can land up cramping yourself.

2. Body aches:

Sometimes, overdoing the asana can make you feel the pain your bone. So do it under surveillance of someone. Don’t do it alone. Once you flourish yourself in this then you are all to yourself.

These are some points that will help you know the facts that you should know about Suryanamaskar. Moreover, this is practiced from long now making it like an ancient act to be naturally healthy.

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