Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Women are at more risks to have an UTI and in some cases, it may repeat after some years. Here are given some ways to handle UTIs in an effective way irrespective of which infection it have to you. When the lower part gets infected, it is known as bladder infection or cystitis. When upper part is infected then it is known as kidney infection or pyelonephritis.

Causes of UTI in Women

There are some reasons behind the telling to wipe from front to back after the usage of Bathroom. So, the reason is the tube that carries the urine from bladder to outside the body known as urethra, is located close to the anus. E.coli is the bacteria present in large intestine in such a perfect position that it can escape the anus and enters through urethra. After entering through Urethra, it can reach the bladder and if it does not get treated on time then it will continue to effect the kidneys. Women are mostly prone to UTI as size of urethra is smaller, which quickly allow bacteria to enter. During sex, the bacteria can also introduced through urinary tract. Other risk factors includes diabetes, female anatomy, obesity, sexual intercourse and genetic history.


Symptoms of UTI

For the identification of UTI, just check that you have following symptoms or not:

  • During urination, you have feeling of burning
  • An intense urge to urinate even if it comes out little
  • Pain in your lower abdomen or back
  • Tired or Shaky feeling
  • Smell of urine becomes strange or blood comes out with it

In very old or young persons, the symptoms are non specific or vague.

Treatments or Tests for UTI

If you suspect any kind of symptoms in you, then consult the doctor regarding it. You will ask to give a sample of urine to confirm the presence of bacteria causing UTI. Now, for treating UTI antibiotics are required for killing intruders. But please make sure that you will complete the cycle of medicine even if you have started feeling better. You should drink lot of water to flush the bacteria along with your urine. The doctor will provide a medication for treating it and heating pad which will soothe the condition.

The various studies have conducted on the effectiveness of cranberry juice to prevent or treat UTI. A tannin is found in red berry which is very helpful in the prevention of E.Coli Bacteria, a common form of urinary tract infection. They remained stick to the walls of the bladder where they caused infection.

Treatment Options for UTI

If you are having one or three UTIs in a year then ask your doctor to recommend a special treatment plan. Some o the options for treatment are:

  • If you are taking a low dose of an antibiotic for a longer duration for helping in the repeated infection.
  • The common infection trigger is the single dose of an antibiotic after sex
  • Taking antibiotics every time whenever symptoms occur in one or two days
  • Using home urine test kit whenever symptoms arise

There are some tests which can be done without prescription of a doctor may help you in determining that you need a consultation or not. While taking antibiotics, you can check whether symptoms disappear or not. If the test is positive, consult your doctor.

UTIs can be Chronic

Almost 1 in 5 women have urinary tract infection and the cause is different in each case. Some types can enter out the cells of the body making safer community for both immune system and antibiotics. Some women are genetically predisposed to UTI and some have abnormalities in the urinary tract structure making them more susceptible to infection. Those women with diabetes have higher chances of getting UTI as their immune system becomes weak  to fight with infections. The risks also increases with conditions like multiple sclerosis, pregnancy, stroke, injury in spinal cord and stones in kidney.

Prevention Tips for Re infection of UTI

Another UTI can be prevented with the following tips:

  • Empty your bladder as soon as possible whenever you feel the need to go and do not be in rush and have a surity that you have done out completely
  • Drink lots of water
  • Wipe out from front to Back
  • Prefer showers in place of baths
  • Keep yourself away from scented bath products, sprays for hygiene purpose as they just increases irritation
  • Before undergoing sex, clean your genital area
  • After sex, make a habit of urinate to throw out any bacteria which might have entered your urethra
  • Use different methods for birth control instead of diaphragm, condoms which are unlubricated and spermicidal jelly. As condoms which are unlubricated and spermicidal jelly causes irritation and diaphragm causes growth of bacteria
  • Try to keep your genital area clean by wearing loose clothes and cotton underwear. Avoid wearing tight clothes and nylon underwear which can trap moisture and creating the best environment for the growth of bacteria.



UTIs at the time of Pregnancy

This is a more concerning issue at the time of Pregnancy as it incurs the infection in the kidney. Because at the time of Pregnancy, progesterone levels become higher increasing the risks of decrement in tone of muscles in the bladder and ureters. In pregnant woman, the risks of asymptomatic bacetriuria are not higher, if this bacteriuria is present then risks for kidney infection arise upto 25-40%.

During testing of urine if sign of an infection has found then treatment is recommended even you don’t have any symptoms. At this time, cephalexin or nitrofurantoinare mostly used because they are considered safe during pregnancy.

If a woman has infection in kidney then it may lead to premature birth, high blood pressure and dysfunctioning of kidney leads to seizers. Mostly women are facing problems of UTI who has it in earlier times at the time of pregnancy and its treatment options have not found yet.


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