Know about thyroid-A butterfly shaped gland

September 8, 2016

Did you know that thyroid is one of the most vital parts of our body? Similar to other body parts the functioning of this part too is very important to have the healthy body. Trust me or not it totally up to you but it is more widespread than you have ever imagined. Most of the people are also not aware that they have the thyroid, ratio of such people…


Dengue or “Break-Bone” Fever

dengue effect on platelets
July 31, 2016

Dengue or “break-bone” fever is a viral disease which spread through mosquitoes. It is widely spread in various tropical & subtropical regions all across the globe such as Australia, Africa, South America & Asia. In a survey, it is stated that approximately 100 million people suffer from dengue every year. In the last five years mostly in the sub-continent thousands of people are dying of dengue fever. There is no particular…