Our brain sinks as we grow old, true or false

We were told at our early age that we will go blind if we masturbate much. Is that real? Then we were told that our brain sinks if we watch more porn. Is that real? Similarly, there is a lot of controversy about the facts of aging brain. Let’s see what happens to our brain if we age. In this article, we are going to look at all the perspectives that one should consider without even thinking about it being a true statement or a false one.

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These are some of the brutal truths. The whole society is being affected in major economic and social ways in countries where the inhabitants are aging rapidly, such as Japan (23% over 65), Germany (20.5%), Italy (20.4%), and the U.S. (13%). These countries that illustrate that fastest rate of change in people age, in order, are Iran, Vietnam, Mexico, India, and South Korea. The clear consequences are a reduced labor force and shifting of a nation’s means to health care. These figures are controversial and fluctuate every year.

When mind cells do die or are damaged due to any reason, strong neurons are battered by provocative chemicals, like cytokines, that are on the loose by the brain’s immune cell system. Brain soreness is commonly caused by infections such as colds and flu and by diets scarce in anti-oxidants.

People are diminished blood flow in small vessels that get prey to easy plugging by cholesterol and fats or ruptured by high blood force. These hidden “mini-strokes” are almost certainly quite ordinary as we age, yet they cause increasing progressive damage. There is this one more source of damage is the lifespan increasing the effect of oxidative free radicals that consequence from energy metabolism. The brain consumes about 20% of all the oxygen that is present in the body, even though it only ways around 3.5 pounds.

Worsening of the brain sneaks up on the majority of us. The first clue strength can be hearing loss, particularly at the higher frequencies. We may be compulsory into bifocals, even trifocals. But the sternest signs of weakening occur in the brain.

We have the information now that the brain function need not decline with age, at least for people who stay fit and mentally active. By the way, research shows that a lifetime of vigorous learning helps prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease. But then still these people who are fit cannot keep up with their abilities and then they lose their minds too. Isn’t it funny? Okay, no need to laugh.

Then as we keep on aging, our reflexes also start to grow slow. We walk and act slower than we used to do. We even talk slower when we get older, which indicates that you will get your brain to get slower and slower with passing time, and what you think of your brain is this only. Then another indication of brain aging is the memory starts to fail, particularly the short-term form of memory ability that is so crucial for grasping new things. With all these, you can make it out that you will always have your mind aging.

Hence we can say that according to the facts that we have here we are inclined towards the fact that our brain starts to age and gets older with our age. We have no clue of things, we don’t quite remember things, we are forgetting all the time this all indicates to this only.

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