Obesity in Child- Why kids of today are becoming obese?

Body Fat accounts up to unused energy in the amount of kilojoules stored in the body. It is needed to use or burn the calories or energy obtained from the foods we eat for maintaining a healthy weight. If you are eating more than the amount you are using then your body will store the extra energy as fat inside the body.

Some Risk Factors for attaining Obesity:-

There are some factors that may cause children to become obese and attain overweight mentioned below:

  • Choices of Food: The options are in a wide range. It depends on which you should adopt like sugary and high-fat foods or going for some healthier options.
  • The absence of any Physical Activity: The lack of physical activity can make the person less active.
  • Giving a lot of time to desk inquiry: Those who spent 2.5 hours in a day on computers, television, or other electronic games or more.
  • Overweight Parents: The eating pattern of the family also has a role in gaining your child a healthy weight. Some parents who have to overweight are less concerned about their children weight.
  • Genetics: Some disorders in the gene can be the reason for major obesity. If there is a trend in the family to become obese then parents have a need to be more aware of deciding healthy food choices for their children.

Childhood Obesity

leading causes of childhood obesityIt becomes a complex health issue when a child has above or normal weight according to his or her age or height. The main causes of gaining excess weight in youth or adults are genetics and behavior. The behavior includes physical activity, inactivity, use of medication or some dietary patterns.

Diseases which are on the verge for Obese Children

The major problems or diseases from which obese children may suffer are heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, bone problems and skin diseases like acne, heat rashes or fungal infections. The children can be more prone to depression, diseases related to liver and gall bladder, shortness of breath, joint problems or shortening in sleep.

How can one know that your child is obese or Healthy?

As in the present time, the number of children is becoming obese or overweight is increasing at its peak. Children grow at a different rate at different times, so it becomes very difficult to say that your child is obese. The height and weight measurements are done for estimating the amount of body fat a particular child has, the process is termed as Bone Mass Index. It is not always a good indicator of measuring a body fat as sometimes it can be misleading.

what is the main cause of child obesityPrevention Tips to Obesity:-

When you are at a risk of becoming obese then you should start following some kinds of activities for attaining a healthy weight. Some of them are:

  • Regular Exercise: You have to work out for around 150-300 minutes for a week to prevent weight gain. Fast Walking and Swimming are some of the physical activities.
  • Pursue a healthy eating plan:You have to take low calorie and nutrient heavy foods like fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Avoid taking saturated fatty products and limit the amount of alcohol and sweets. For maintaining a healthy weight, eat three regular meals in a day.
  • Keep the track of food that wants you to eat: Try to maintain a record of what you are eating, how much you are eating and when you are eating. You are feeling hungry or such a situation that makes you out of control eating.
  • Regularly monitoring of your weight: At least once a week, people should weigh themselves for losing excess pounds.
  • Be Persistent: Stick to your plan of maintaining a healthy weight especially during the weekdays, weekends or vacations to increase your chances of long-term success.

If you are eating well, exercising daily and incorporating healthy habits into the daily schedule of family’s life then the chances of getting obese are very minute.

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