Lung Cancer – Smoking Is The Biggest Reason

Smoking is injurious to health. Everyone knows, but who the hell gives the damn to stop for a while and think about the consequences those 100 mm dark colored death mist forming rolls do to your body. Not only it dangerously affects our minds but attack our most important part, our lungs which help us in breathing without which we are dead. Not only smoking degrades our lungs through cancer, it has many toxins and chemical that increases the probability of one to get cancer to almost 1.


Almost 98% cases of smoking results in lung cancer and it not only stops here it gives you the mind that is all that destructive mist you smoke. It makes you a slave and that 100 mm tobacco roll controls your life with that addiction power. It also invites health issues like heart diseases, emphysema, bronchitis and much more. Along with all this trouble, stress and extra weight are invited to party with you.

  • Not only you but all those you love and are around you are also hazardously affected by this smoking. You enjoy the smoke puffs directly but those around indirectly get exposed you all those disastrous health issues along with you. If not for yourself, think about all those that smile for you and with you.
  • The more you smoke, the more you become addicted and weak. Yes, it is like a pleasure that one enjoys at first, a schedule at middle and a habitat last until it kills you at worse. Also, it not only grants you a death but painful lung cancer that you go through and your family experiences more pain for losing you.
  • Maybe someone can discriminate but cigarette does not. Be it man or woman cigarette tortures everyone equally. It slowly kills and turns you into smoke all you have to do is inhale a puff in and invite it in your life.


Reasons of Lung cancer


Also, cigarettes deposit layers and layers of carbon monoxide by bits once you start smoking, but once you get addicted there is no coming back if you are not harsh hard on quitting smoking. The dark deadly mucus in your lungs due to cigarettes just makes it hell for your body to survive through.

These were just a little not only this, smoking invites with it more than 14 kinds of deadly diseases related to cancer, lung, heart and entire body all in those seconds of pleasure you get from those cigarette smoke. More likely out of 4 in every 5 cases of smoking turns into lung cancer and one left gets something else equally dangerous if you are not like seriously lucky


Everyone talks about lung cancer and smoking, the relation between them is simple. Smoking damages our DNA and genes that protects us from cancer. It includes DNA haters and killers like polonium-210, nitrosamines, benzene and benzopyrene. And the chemicals also get in the way of repairing damaged DNA. First damage and then no repair, you invite your destruction to worse all by that 100 mm cigarette. It also degrades your immune system and destroys you slowly as it pleasures you. It may not be like this that first day you smoke and the second day you get cancer but believe me by the time when you realize that you have cancer traces it gifts you some more deadly diseases along with it.

lung cancer causes symptoms and treatment


So what to do if you want to exit all these issues that physically and emotionally destroys you for worse? The answer is simple although the process is not at all, quit smoking. Once you make your mind up quit smoking, your boiled blood begins to get stable and heart rate becomes normal. Carbon monoxide levels starts decreasing within hours of quitting. Within weeks you will have improved blood circulation along with less coughing, less phlegm and no more smoke sneezing. Within months, lungs starts functioning well and you life becomes more smoke-free and clear. So turn from smoking to happily quitting smoking and living lively.

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