Importance of Blood Donation

Do you know that blood is a very essential and vital component of our body? There are many ways by which blood makes our body sound and helps us recover from wounds, cuts, and diseases. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of the process of blood donation.

As we all know that blood makes a vital component of our body, we should help others by donating it. Blood is the most precious gift that you can give to someone. You would even save someone’s life by doing this. There are several camps and even hospitals welcome those who are wanting to donate their blood. But yes with this comes the responsibility of checking your thing. You should never let your problems be hidden. If you are on medication or have suffered from any disease lately you should tell that to the doctor.

There are a few diseases like Dengue which draws out your blood due to infection. The platelets decrease rapidly. In this and even in HIV blood from the blood bank is used to inject blood into their body directly in raw form.

According to me, you don’t need any special occasion or reason to donate blood. It is a very humble and a good work that one does. Some people think that blood donation is a generous and healthy thing to do. Some think that you never know someday your blood could save someone’s life. Some do it because they are motivated by either family or friends.

Blood donation with all the other important and factors has one more prominent thing; you should not forget that your blood gets changed. When your blood is taken out your body makes new blood which is healthier and much purer. Due to the toxicities in the air, we breathe in a lot of pollutants which mixes with blood. A regular blood donor will have a better quality of blood than those who don’t believe in this process.

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What to know about blood donating?

The necessary things to know while a donation is:

  1. Your blood should not be infected by any means.
  2. You should take a break of around 6 months between donating your blood.
  3. You should test your blood before giving it.
  4. You should be very much précised in informing the doctor about your medication if any.
  5. When it comes to your own safety then you should be very much précised on the fact that you ask the doctors to use a new sterilized syringe because a used one will infect your blood.

Moreover, if you are able to save a life with just 350-400 ml of blood then why not do it. Isn’t it worth doing?

Let’s not forget that blood donation is not for those who are scared of needles or something. Be strong and do it. Trust me on this when I say it, you will feel happy and proud to know that you helped someone in need. Maybe someone you know or maybe someone you don’t.

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