Having some problem in breathing? No sweat, here are some remedies.

If you are suffering from breathing problems and have no clue how to get it better then this article is surely going to bring in some positivity in you. In this article, you are going to get some remedies that will surely help you get better.

There is not much of a difference between this article and the other health articles but yes when it is about your own health, then even smallest of hope can be helpful.  Here are few tips which when done properly can work wonders for you.

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1. Stop Smoking:

There is already so much pollution in the environment due to which your lungs have to work out more than they are mended, don’t increase their work unnecessarily.  Quit smoking if you are doing that. Nicotine that is present in the cigarettes adversely affects your lungs and can damage them greatly. It not just is one of the reasons for lung cancer but also sucks up all your stamina. You wouldn’t even notice when smoking becomes your habit and then things start to deteriorate. You will feel dizzy; a cough all the time and many other problems. Those who have a habit to smoke regularly, start to develop a tar coating on their lungs which is very harmful to both; the body and the lungs.

2. Appropriate timing of exercise:

Sometimes people start developing respiratory problems when they don’t take care of the basic habits of exercise. Before starting the harsh exercises, you should make your body realize about that and for that, you need to take up the adequate amount of warm-up session. If you are not warming up properly, you will surely gain a few respiratory problems which will lead t disastrous effects on your lungs. Moreover, when your body is still sleeping (which means not warmed up), there are likely to be more chances that you can get muscular injuries as well.

3. Responding to medication:

If you are surviving on medicinal help, then it is a later stage for you but still, the game is not over. If you are suffering from asthma then you should keep a check on things that trigger this problem. You keep records of most things as well. Tackling asthma is not easy but it is not difficult either. Keep records of things like:

  1.         How frequent you are using the inhaler.
  2.         What was the best time when your breathing was normal?
  3.         What was the time when you were facing breathing problem so intensely that you were almost scorching.
  4.         Are you feeling chest pain or any tightness in your chest muscles?

When you start making points, work on them by regular exercising. The best way to get over that inhaler in your pocket is by gaining control over your heart rate.

4. Chuck out anxiety, depression, fear of your life:

Those who feel anxious, fear, depression most of the time or let’s just say frequently, they should chuck these things out of their life. Sometimes these negative aspects that hover in your brain take over not just your mind but also your breath. Happiness and positivity is the way to tackle this problem.

5. Protect yourself:

If you are not a smoker and not even asthma patient that does not mean you won’t get any problems regarding respirations. With the increasing pollution, our needs to be very much cautious, of the places you go, the environment you live and work in. If you think the environment of your workplace is not healthy, demand one. While traveling in a public transport wear a mask over your nose and gob. Apart from this, keep a pocket sanitizer in your pocket so that before eating anything you can clean your hands with that. It will prevent you from many diseases including respiratory.

6. Healthy and nutritious diet:

See be it your respiratory problem or any other, keeping a healthy and nutritious diet is very much important for you. Your diet should include every nutrient that is required for the body. If you are working out daily, I am supposing that apart from the protein powder, you will be relying on flesh a lot. Isn’t it? Yes, it is a good source of protein but still, you should prevent yourself from eating much of flesh because the fart you do after the chicken is twice as polluted as your normal one. So either stop farting or reducing the intake of chicken, get that.

7. Increase your timing slowly:

If you are not working out, then let me make you clear, you are making your body a host of disease. Please stop it! Working out does not just include the gyms, normal walking and mild jogging with yoga is also helpful. I always take up yoga each morning as I wake up. This will keep your mind peaceful and heart rate in control and will also minimize the breathing problems.

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8. Meditation:

There are many advantages of yoga and one of them is controlling and curing respiratory diseases. Let’s not forget that meditation is one of the forms of Yoga only. Meditation is the process to calm your mind and grab control over your breathing. Meditation is really effective and you will start feeling the effect of meditation in a positive way earlier than you assumed. So quit thinking and start doing.

These are 8 ways that will make you better and if you think that there is no cure for your breathing problem then think twice. Gear up yourself and work out all the things that are jotted above. I am sure that you will feel the change and you will feel it inside you that things are changing. These 8 things have made a difference in many lives, be the next one because it’s not your end. It is the end of your disease. Live long, Live strong and be healthy.  This is all that I want to say.

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